Design and Printing

Our designers have created beautiful models of brochures, magazines and leaflets. Our design is functional and accessible at cost. Are also available our services for print products in any quantities.
  • corporate identity development
  • design of booklet, catalog
  • design of presentations
  • design advertising model in mass media
  • flyer design
  • correction of design flyers, banners customer
  • banner design for the billboard 3x6 m or less
  • design an e-mail for sending
  • banner design
  • banner design in the mobile app
  • website design
Actual projects

Each furniture factory has a catalogue. But do all people look through the catalogue which the dealer has provided them with?

The thing is that all those successful managers met to be awarded for their high achievements. It is about results of the annual competition «Chief of the year».

«EU Cheese, please!» -that was the name of the advertisement campaign of the European Union to promote Bulgarian and Cypriot cheeses in Russia.

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