Where the Japanese steps lead to

CEO of the Japanese copy equipment selling company looked out of window of its office. Japanese people walked down the street. He rubbed his eyes, his forehead, conducted a rapid revision of yesterday and made an undisputable conclusion: he left Tokyo yesterday and today must be in St. Petersburg. But down below they went the Japanese people. «Where do they go?» - rolled slowly in the manager's head. And the head-ache became more painful...

«Masha, look, - the Chinese guys» - screamed the secretary of a small company to her friend when they approached the office. Masha looked and shook her head: «Japanese. Look - kimono, hakama, tabi. I'm sure: the Japanese». The secretary decided that Masha started to talk Japanese and asked lonely: «Where do they go?»

«Were're you from? Japan?» - asked the Tajik driver a young Japanese couple who suddenly stepped into the shuttle bus. «We are strangers here» - replied the young man and the girl in Russia by some reason. - «We are going to opening of Osaka restaurant»...

Maybe that was exactly how the employees of three business centers expressed their surprise when they surrounded the new Japanese restaurant hen they saw coming out of nowhere citizens of «Japanese nationality» wearing Japanese national clothing.

Restaurant «Osaka» has set a task – to inform inhabitants and office workers of neighbor buildings about its opening and in the very first day to engage the maximum amount of visitors. But, first, the budget was not large, and second, in the adjacent business centers it was strictly prohibited to distribute flyers and arrange advertisement campaigns. This is how the great idea was born – to arrange the «Japanese flash mob». The restaurant has provided the special clothing – samurai robes for young men and kimono for girls. We chose ten students of Asian type, dressed them and sent for a walk in the neighborhood of the restaurant during the rush hour – in the morning, at noon and in the evening. An one couple of «Japanese guys» rode a bus which delivered employees from subway station to the offices. No one gave any flyers, no one spoke to passers-by, out «agents» just walked along and sometimes came into the restaurant. But that exotic was impossible to overlook. Many passers-by were surprised and they wandered what kind of masquerade that was. Such questions were answered by our «Japanese guys» with pleasure though, explaining that they were just going to «Osaka».

An unsophisticated, from the first sight, move caused an impressive result: it was crowded the whole day in «Osaka». As well as during the following days. 

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