Why so many chiefs

A manager is a busy person. You will be lucky if you meet even your chief (it is always a chance to ask for more). How happy one must be in a room where actually everyone is a chief! Well, why would they all gather together in one place – who will be presented such concentrated joy? Each other?

The thing is that all those successful managers met to be awarded for their high achievements. It is about results of the annual competition «Chief of the year». 

We were responsible for the press. We were able to provide participation of representatives of the leading business media in the ceremony. And presentation of that event was dignified. And that means that awarded managers have obtained a stimulus to remain on their high level. The ones who were not nominated now know that besides the growth of their own ego and set of corporate bonuses there is also such an important form of encouragement as public appreciation. And this is another stimulus for the next time to increase the amount of awarded chiefs.

 Detailed information about the competition may be obtained on sitewww.shef-goda.ru 





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